Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy endings are real

I have already given up on happy endings.

Oh yeah, before anything else, this is my first blog post in blogger/blogspot. Hello. I originally came from multiply, but after their layout update, I dunno, I find the changes a little too obstrusive for me. Yes, it does what it claims to do, but it's a little too clunky, and the entire thing takes longer to load. Who knows, maybe I would find a reason compelling enough to return to multiply, but until then, I'm migrating all my stuff here in blogger. This blog would be for my personal life, rants and raves, while this would be for my short stories and other literary work. Yeah, I'm also a writer so deal with it.

Anyway, about happy endings. Movies often end in happy endings; at least in the movies I watch. Yeah, there are a lot of movies out there that do not have happy endings (I'm looking at you Skeleton Key) but I dunno, I rarely get to see any of those; not that I really want to. I don't normally watch movies, for a reason worth another blog. When the good guy hero kisses the leading lady, or when a band of warriors or soldiers finally achieve victory; happy endings are always too good to be true most of the time. They are often too amped up, and for good reason. Movies aren't movies without flair; or at least they aren't movies that sell.

Wouldn't it be nice if lives also had happy endings? I mean, it doesn't necessarily entail the "end" like death or anything, just happy moments. Like after finally being able to finish preparing and waiting a full three minutes for your cup noodles, it becomes a delectable aldente treat, not an overcooked or undercooked cup of turd (I get this quite a lot). The world would be a lot better if there were happy endings, and if everything ends the way we want them to be or better.


Wrong answer, no one thousand points for you.

Of course life has happy endings, we're just too busy picturing out the ideal happy ending in our heads we forget to see the real happy ending. We're just too prone to imagining how good the end will be that we overlook how good the end had been.

I dunno, people won't agree for sure, but while experts say the secret of successful people is that they see the end from the very beginning, I say the secret of happy people is that they see the good in every ending. I know a lot would throw tomatoes at me for claiming such a naive thing, but truly, I think one of the secrets of a happy life is seeing the blessing in adversity - seeing the positive in the negative.

I think people gifted with this ability are those who become truly happy with their lives. How I wish I could become better at doing that, seeing the good in the bad. Sometimes, life just kicks me so hard in the ass it's really difficult to find the treasure in the trash, the diamond in the rough, the banana in the monkey, the golden needle in the filthy haystack (ok, ok I'd stop now). And life has a knack of kicking me in the ass too, so it really gets kinda rough at times.

Meh, at least now I'm more aware of this fact. Now I can be more proactive at seeking the happy in the endings. See? Told you happy endings are real.