Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tiring tiring tiring

This is one of the most tiring days ever.

I don't know what set it apart from most days though, it seems pretty ordinary. I went to school for a morning class (I actually made it earlier than I usually do, still not enough to make it on time, but way earlier than usual). Then did some thesis work right after, then went home.

Seems ordinary enough.

But by about three PM, I was already wasted. At about that time we were trying to work things out for thesis. I thought after I ate (some decent chicken fillet carbonara from pizza place, yum!) I would be able to think a little more properly and clearly. While it had that effect for, I dunno, thirty minutes, it wasn't long till I felt really really sleepy and tired. We were in the game lab at that time, so it was probably the relevant silence and coldness of the room that made me all sleepy.

Anyway, so there, it was a really tiring day. It was great to cap it off with an Imperial Chinese Supreme Bowl from KFC. KFC should thank me for the free plug, but that dish (I dunno if I should call it a dish, since it's more of an order than a dish) is one of the best! The sumptuous sauce, the crispy chicken, the tangy eggplants... It's really really good! Too bad it's probably full of MSG, which probably is the ingredient responsible for all the flavor. Oh well, at 100 pesos a meal, its definitely a steal.

So there, that's just about it for today.

Oh, hold on, speaking of my morning class, it got so boring everyone began to plurk songs. Plurk turned into a spontaneous singing bee! Hehe, oh well, maybe next week we'd have another round.

Monday, July 6, 2009

God's Chisel - The Skit Guys

Click here to watch this video.

Control or chisel?

It's gonna be painful, but I say chisel.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

First day of driving school

was really fun.

Well, the instructor wasn't as friendly as when I enrolled for the manual a year ago, but he's OK, just a little intimidating but after living through two terms under a certain professor, nothing quite intimidates me too much anymore :p

I kindof had to get used to driving again though; it's been a year since I last drove a car. I had to relearn and reacquire a feel for the gas and brake pedals (since I'm driving automatic now) and proper timing for steering. I also had to relearn some of the terms like two point and three point turning and stuff along that vein. Otherwise though, I think I did OK for a pseudo-first time driver.

I wish though that this time my folks are actually going to allow me to use one of our cars. The last time, after I studied manual, my parents never actually let me drive. My mom in particular was afraid I was going to treat it like a toy or something, which was kindof annoying. Why would you make me take up a driving course if you won't let me drive anyway? And up until today she keeps on blaming me for not practicing how to drive all this time!


Anyway, it's all cool. This time though I'm more determined to learn and have my own driver's license made. Driving is a pretty important skill, seeing as to how society nowadays rely heavily on automobiles for transport. I'm just worried it'd turn me into a lazy sloth.

Recently I've been undergoing some form of holistic betterment, basically doing stuff that makes me feel good about myself physically, emotionally, mentally and most of all spiritually. Think of it like a tune-up for a car, since I've been talking about cars anyway. I'm trying to cut down on unhealthy foods, watching my diet, aiming for 10,000 steps per day, doing at least 10 proper push-ups a day (incrementally increasing), praying each night and daily bible reading; all this to make me feel better about myself. My worry is that when I learn how to drive, I might cut down on walking. I might feel tempted to use the car to get to a very nearby location, wasting a good opportunity to use my legs. Nah, but that's still sometime from now, I would just have to practice a little more discipline.

Anyways, that's just about it for today. Day isn't over yet so I'd see what else I can accomplish before it ends. Tomorrow is another school day, which is good for me since being with my family seriously makes it harder for me to keep up my diet vigilance, hehe.