Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Life and Times vol. 4

Why hello there. If this is your first time reading this blog, then welcome! I'm fifthStitch, the one and only (as far as Google can tell, not counting Fifth Stitch, which has a space in between), and I, well, I don't really know who or what I am. I'm a Roman Catholic, and a pretty devout one at that, but I'm not the type you'd find praying 24/7 in churches or cathedrals. I'm not even that interested in cathedrals (although there are some I'd like to visit, like the awesome St. Peter's Basilica; that place is huge!). I'm also an aspiring writer, comic artist, photographer, software developer (I'm into both corporate and game software development), graphic artist (just a teeny bit), martial artist (hey, to dream is free right?) and all around good guy (I'd say handsome but I value my life so very very much).


Anyway, why the sudden introductions? I don't really know. On to the updates then.

So anyway, I'm really writing this just to get the hang of this thing called ENGLISH once again. Recently I've been reading and checking student emails from my COMPRO1 class (which for the uninitiated, is the first ever nightmare a Computer Science student of DLSU would have, before the even bigger nightmare called ADVANSE), which incidentally are, if not C Code assignments, are hastily written email questions. Hastily doesn't even do them justice! Most of them are nothing more than drawl; broken English with a more shortcuts than a tech-savvy poser's desktop. I mean, no offense to the students, but their English really suck. There are some exceptions though, but then again, I can't blame them since their course technically isn't Creative Writing or some such.

Being the malleable and adaptive person that I am (I should probably add this to my self-introduction above), I feel as if my English is beginning to suck too (not that it was awesome in the first place (I took me three tries to type the word awesome before I got the red squiggly to disappear)). So yeah, basically this entire blog post is me trying to get the hang of writing in semi-perfect, close-to-literary-as-possible English. What better way to practice writing than by making an update!

Unfortunately, between this and the vol. 3 (I'm still not convinced that vol. stands for volume, for all we know it could stand for area, or perimeter, or- *hides in a closet for protection*) there really hasn't been much going on. Ad Continuum seems to be going well, although this week I don't expect myself to create a new comic, though I might make a filler of sorts. I'm waiting for something to arrive, and until that something is not within three feet of me, I cannot proceed with the story in a way that would make sense. My thesis is still, well, that, just a thesis. It hasn't managed to materialize from my brain yet, so nothing much new on that. My collection hasn't grown much either, although the thing I'm waiting for may or may not change that fact.

Welp (a subtle kickasskass reference), that should be it. I feel so well versed in English now I could start making LOLCATS.

[fifthStitch would like to apologize for the idiotic piece of turd he paid to write this article. He has since then learned that a paid turd, while a few thousand bucks richer, is still turd.]