Friday, December 7, 2012

Mull to Five: Brainstorming

A pair of 2-1-0s, placing 4th in one and 3rd in the other.

Now that's what I call a successful tournament run! But that's all icing on top of a very sweet cake however, because of the myriad of lessons I have learned last Wednesday (November 28, 2012), both from the tournament itself and from some brainstorming and discussions I had with an experienced player (and two-time first round opponent, and with whom I lost to both times, haha). Tossing ideas around with someone more experienced is a really good exercise; you might end up revisiting ideas you could have dismissed sometime ago on account of being too weak or too clunky. Like I almost always do, though, I might be getting too ahead of myself. I'm really excited to talk about my tournament exploits this week, all the more so because I wasn't able to play all that much last week, so let's begin.