Wednesday, August 10, 2016

FifthStitch Plays: Pokemon Go - Selecting which Pokemon to Power Up

Pokemon Go has been out for a couple of days now in the Philippines, but it has been out for more than a month in other countries. Because of this, a lot of information has already been data mined from the game, some of which are hidden from the players. Information like move sets, IVs and others are now becoming public knowledge and could get very intimidating. It becomes quite difficult to decide which Pokemon to pour in all those hard earned candies, as there is just so many variables involved in deciding which Pokemon in your collection really is the best.

I want to try and remedy that. I'm not the best Pokemon Go player, nor am I the most experienced, but I think I've played enough of the game and made my own fair share of mistakes to know the core mechanics of the game. There are still things I do not know (for example, how much do IVs actually affect the performance of my Pokemon in battle), as information regarding these have not been completely confirmed or verified, but basing off of what I and most people who have played the game to a considerable degree know, I think I have come up with a good and relatively painless enough process to determine which Pokemon of a certain species is best to devote candies and stardust powering up.

Here are my 4 (relatively) simple steps to determining which Pokemon to transfer and which Pokemon to train.