Monday, September 21, 2009

The Life and Times vol. 2

Hello fans, this is fifthStitch once again giving you my very regular updates!

Not... Who am I kidding... Anyway, so where was I... Uhh, updates, right. Fans or no, welcome to volume 2 of The Life and Times; where, if you've been tuning in regularly, you'd know that I'd be giving you updates and future times about my life. Kind of like a blog post.

But cooler...

If you don't get the inside joke, I say don't bother.

Anyway, first for the updates. So I'm working now. And oh boy, did I get my dream job.


If you're wondering what, and for the benefit of those who still do not know, I got a job as assistant lecturer in De La Salle University. Hmm... Now that I remember, I think I've blogged about this already... Oh well, yay for redundancy.

So yes, you can say I'm a prof now, though I still say I do not deserve the title. But what am I to do but embrace it with outstretched hands and a (forced) warm smile. It's been (backbreaking) fun work and I (do not) look forward to it every week! YAY!

All jokes aside, yes I've been enjoying my tenure (wow, I've been waiting to use that word to describe something about myself) as a part-time lecturer. It's been really hard at times, especially since I got a really bad time slot at 11:20 AM to 12:50 PM. It's either the students are sleepy or hungry, I suppose you could say that's the lull between breakfast and lunch. Oh and for the record (if anyone out there is secretly recording my blogs ) I'm not handling INTROSE as I expected. Due to some last minute switch involving, I dunno, five minutes of extreme deliberation, I got transferred to INTROOS. Now, I don't have anything against that subject, but I really don't have anything for it either. I suppose the hours of lecturing really drains me of my energy, as can be seen by my lack of updates.

And speaking of updates, random plug (which I will return to later anyways so what's the point), I wrote the next chapter of White Wolf Riiya entitled Conflict. In this chapter we finally see the fated reunion of the three defenders of Love, Hope and Justice (I forgot if the last one was Justice... maybe it was Courage, but meh). I particularly love how I characterized Chacha in this chapter, I don't know why .

Anyway, yeah, back to teaching. So this coming week, it'd be pressure as a ten ton block with five hundred elephants with five hundred giraffes on top of them as I will be having my peer review. What is a peer review you might ask? Well...



May God bless me... This would be the greatest challenge yet of what might be the shortest teaching career in DLSU.

Anyways, apart from that, no major updates so far. Yes, I wrote a chapter of White Wolf Riiya (you could say this is the obligatory restatement). Yes, I'm now into watching Kamen Rider Kiva. Yes, I have yet to finish watching Lain and Evangelion. Yes, I still have to watch Elfen Lied. And yes, I'm still sexy and oozing with awesomeness. What's new?

Well, there you have it! I plan on making my posts shorter and easier to read. If you were a fan of the long posts, shoot me a comment (due to the 'n' key of my keyboard failing, that statement almost made it as "shoot me a commet"). I would be very very happy if you would .