Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thesis thesis

I think everybody I know would agree to me when I say "We hate thesis!"


Eh, I dunno, most of the time I don't really hate thesis, nor do I like it. I'm sort of neutral, if that's even possible. If I have to do it, then I'd do it; that's how I used to treat thesis. But right now, I dunno, I'm beginning to grow a heavy distaste for thesis. And at the worst time as well, I've only got one month. Can't it be any more cruel than that?

How I wish thesis could just disappear. It's been one of my prime source of stress in the recent months, and is the prime source of stress for most of my friends as well. But I guess there's really nothing that could be done. If it has to be done, it has to be done perhaps.

Which brings us to my day so far. I woke up a teensy bit late for my first class (yes, it's a Saturday but I have a morning class, my close friend was right, not a very good idea). I got to school probably an hour after the class started, but I might as well have skipped the subject altogether.

The instructor was teaching us how to code in C#, but it was kinda confusing. I think he was trying to teach us the procedural way of coding; the basics. But because he had been using C#, or because the slides were saying so, he taught us the object-oriented style of coding in C#. It's all ok and good, but it was really boring. He seemed a to be in the lower end of the confident strata, maybe bordering a little to incompetence - but that's way too harsh. He did not build any sense of rapport with the students, and some of those present were even manipulating him subtly. While I know teaching is a difficult job, he seemed to be letting it get the most of him.

So while he was trying to teach us the basics of C#, a lot of us were doing other stuff instead of listening. The class literally became plurk class; there were open plurks everywhere! I admit I was pretty much guilty as well of plurking in class; I was trying to listen but it was quite difficult when the instructor wasn't speaking so much. It was good the class ended even before we realized it.

Fast forward to a few minutes after class. My friends decided to visit one of their previous professors they have grown a liking towards, so I tagged along with them. I never got a chance to be the student of this professor, but she seemed fun when she talks with them. Once we got to their classroom, we found out their class weren't over yet. So we waited outside and things started becoming crazy.

One of us started singing Michael Jackson songs (RIP Michael, your music would be sorely missed). He started dancing too, first to Thriller then to Heal the World. We were all trying to contain our laughter since we would be making too much noise! It was really really crazy. We dispersed soon when we realized the class we were waiting on is gonna take longer than we thought, and my friends had to go to Greenhills. I went my way and that's just about it. Right now I'm just waiting for us to leave for SM Mall of Asia, maybe play a couple of bowling rounds and if possible maybe grab a Gundam along the way. I badly want a Gundam right now, it's been more than a month since I assembled one.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We will miss you

This morning I attended the wake of one of the most dear persons to FORMDEV, Brother Ceci. I cannot say anything much about Brother Ceci. He was a very simple man. He seems to be always smiling, always laughing; he was a very happy person. Brother Ceci was also a very good storyteller, and his stories continue to resonate upon those who heard them. His stories inspire and touch the heart; some will make you laugh, some will make you sad, all would strike a chord in you. These are often stories of students ranging from the little kids to La Salle sports team memebers; all of them he had befriended and loved.

But if there was something that would describe Brother Ceci, from how I knew him, it would have to be love.

Many people quest for happiness. Many people pay big bucks to buy things that they think would make them happy. Others find happiness in hobbies, games, friends. But it's always never easy, as what may make you happy now may not make you happy tomorrow. But for Brother Ceci, it never seemed to be the case. He may have his ups and downs, but he seemed to be always really happy. People like him are a mystery to me, until today.

If there would be one thing I would remember Brother Ceci for, it would be his capacity to love.

His was a simple love. He would love you and that's it. Maybe I am exaggerating things, but from his stories and the sharings of his life, this seemed to be the case. And he never seemed to run out of love. He always seemed to have space to love another person; his was a big heart.

And he allowed his heart to be drowned in God's love.

How I wish I can love like him. How I wish I could flood my heart with God's love and love unconditionally as he did. He made it look so easy; I guess it really shouldn't be that hard.

Brother Ceci, thank you. Thank you for the stories you shared, the lives you touched. Thank you that you became part of my life. It may not have been as big as I wanted, I really wished I could have talked to you more, but the inspiration you gave me I would try to treasure and remember for the rest of my life. You showed me that it is possible for man to flood himself or herself with God's love and love unconditionally. You showed me how love need not be complicated. You showed me how to truly love.

Thank you Brother Ceci.