Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something to write about: Video Games

Okay, so I haven't been writing much in my personal blog recently; ironic that my literary dump (supposedly the less prolific of my two main blogs) has been given more attention to lately. See, I've been making comics and blah blah blah... I've told mountains of stuff about that before? Really? Hmm... Well... How about my photography then? It's amateurish but I'm getting the- I've told you of that too? Hmm... Well, I guess now you know why I haven't been updating this blog recently huh?

I know! Let's talk about video games! Wheeee... Actually, I'm a bit lazy right now, so I'd save the long discussion on gaming philosophy and some such for another blog post. Right now, I wanna talk about games, fighting games to be exact. For people who know me personally, it shouldn't be news to you that I love love LOVE fighting games. 3D Fighters, 2D Fighters, even timing based fighters like the Naruto Ultimate Hero franchise and the Dissidia series are all fair game for me, even if I'm still getting the hang of 2D fighters (I'm looking at you Super Street Fighter Four! Oh you've got Juri? Well, I guess you're forgive then... Hmm...). That said though, I've been eying a new 2D fighter for the PS3. You'd be surprised the game is for the PS3, judging by its hardcore 2D graphics, but I'm a staunch believer that graphics don't make a game (most of the time), so in my opinion, it's not going to be a crutch (maybe more of a Segway. You didn't get the joke? Ah well... Erm... Awkward). Anyway, here's a video ripped directly from YouTube!


Recovered from the awesome already? As you can see, it doesn't have the most realistic of styles in terms of graphics, physics and game play (unlike the popular Namco games with boob physics), but still, those visuals, for some reason, just do it for me. In short, it rocks. Rocks hard.

From the cast shown on the video, my favorites would be Noel and Alucard. I didn't do much research on them yet, as frankly I'm a little too lazy, but for some reason, these guys remind me of my favorite characters from a similar fighting game from Type Moon, Melty Blood. For those of you who wants to know who these favorite characters are, well they're, Ceil and Hisui (Shiki counts too, but not as much). I know I know, you don't see how they're related, and neither do I, but hey, you're not writing this blog now aren't you?

Anyway, all kidding aside, the game actually reminds me of a similar 2D fighter, Guilty Gear. I actually loved that game a lot, and I rocked Sol and Ky like I know how to rock Sol and Ky, even if I actually suck at that game. If so, then I'm sure BlazBlue would be a rocking good time!

I suck at 2D fighters in general, but there's something about me and 2D fighters that makes me go back to the genre, like an old fling that keeps on coming back, an itch I really like to scratch. I don't really understand but 2D fighters hold that kind of allure for me, like it's some sort of unexplored frontier, the next step in my quest to hone my skills in fighting games. Just hope I find someone to play against though, as I would definitely not like playing against the AI all the time (besides, if I do, I'd most certainly lose 110 percent of the time...).

Well, that would be all. Glad I found something to write about, whew; been itching to write a blog for sometime now, hehe

P.S.: So I actually forgot to give the name of the game. It's BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. Get Hyped.