Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reflections: On how to beat an XBOX

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Now that you're done reading it, read this and this. These are two very legitimate replies to the post in question, but you have to pardon the bad English on the first one.

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The issue of games vs girlfriends have been extant since the invention of games (or girlfriend boyfriend relationships, whichever came first). The gist of the matter is really very simple: girl and guy hook up, girl and guy have steamy relationship fueled by passion (and maybe also by libido), passion eventually runs dry, guy returns to playing video games, girl gets mad and begins antagonizing video games, cursing them like a plague from hell. Optionally, it can also begin with girl asks for space, guy gives space, guy plays video games while giving girl space, guy gets hooked, girl misses guy, girl gets mad, then copy and paste the rest.

I've never really had much of a problem with this, as the one I love shares my love for games, but cases like that are, dare I say, an exception to the norm. At least in the Philippines, I see a lot of girls getting jealous over computer games, like DotA (and its spiritual successor, HoN), and how their boyfriends seem to spend more time playing games than spending time with them (spending time playing with them? let's try to keep this post kid-friendly...). And it's not uncommon too! In fact, I've heard of a song written specially for the girls vs games issue.

It's in Filipino though, so for the benefit of my foreign readers (in case I have them), the song is basically a rant against a boyfriends addiction to DotA.

Now, personally, I find this topic a non-issue. I mean, if you truly love the person, you must be willing to make the sacrifice. There are of course limits to this, which I will be discussing in a sec, but my point is, love is built on patience and sacrifice. A loving partner would understand the addictions of his or her significant other, because its part of his or her partner. I don't think it's true love unless you are willing to accept your significant other COMPLETELY and WHOLLY. That said, the other partner is also expected to do the same.

For me, a real relationship is built on mutual understanding (way to redefine my standards -_-). As the aphorism goes, it takes two to tango. It takes two to love (to make love? like I said, keeping it kid-friendly). Both must be willing to make sacrifices for a relationship to succeed. This sets the limit on how much sacrifice a partner must be willing to give. But I have to make this point clear; no, there are no limits, in fact, there must be no limit on how much a partner is willing to sacrifice, BUT if the other partner is not willing to even make an effort to meet his or her partner half-way, then its about time to consider parting ways. Remember:


And while meeting halfway is a requirement, it must never NEVER be on the expectation list of either one of the partners. It must remain as an agreement, not a rule; a covenant and not a law.

As I am typing this, I'm having a conversation with a friend about this issue. And I guess, we share the same sentiments. There is one thing though that I guess requires due time to point out...


Playing video games is a form of entertainment, so is Facebook or any other addiction. But when addiction turns to obsession, then that's the time when it becomes dangerous. It becomes dangerous not just to one's self, but also to one's relationships. It prevents one to meet the other halfway. How do you expect a boat to move if that boat is so tightly anchored at port?

The person that I love also has her own addictions, and honestly, sometimes I get a teensy bit irritated if that's the only thing she ever seems to talk about (sorry -_-). But I love her too much to let it affect me. In fact, I've been developing a liking for the things she is addicted to, so much so that I'm beginning to have a mancrush on... Okay, too much information, I think I should stop now (I do have a manly appreciation for his voice... Too much info still?)... But in all seriousness, what I'm saying is, at the end of it all...


Or something like that...

And girl, about your XBOX problem? Don't you know men find girl gamers sexy?