Saturday, August 8, 2009

A pre twentieth post celebration

Twenty is such a momentous number. It caries with it the same momentousness as any other multiple of ten, save perhaps powers of ten. Yeah, I know the nerdiness level of the previous sentence must have probably rocketed past the Earth's atmosphere, but let's face it, it's worth the epicness right? Right?

Moving on, so this is my nineteenth blogger post since I made this blogger account, and so far, it's been great. Not as much fans as my Multiply account, but I don't regret the transfer. It's been pretty peaceful, and far more manageable than unwieldy Multiply.

So what do I talk about in my twentieth blog post?

Why, my impending twentieth birthday of course! Your dear fifthStitch would be commemorating twenty years of walking this planet of ours in a month or so. September 19 (which interestingly coincides with the number of this blog post) marks the day I become two decades (how do you pronounce this, de-kayd or di-kayd?) old. I'm actually pretty excited, and pretty unsure at the same time, it's my first time being twenty after all (duh).

So what changes would you expect from your dear fifthStitch? Nothing! Nothing at all! I dunno what's so special about growing and becoming an adult, the adult world is incredibly boring. You have to abide by a lot of rules, the space for goofing off lessens, ugh, boring.


So there, nothing would change perhaps for me. I would still remain the same old fifthStitch you know and love. Of course there would be tiny changes, but I'd stay as fun and as un-adult as I can be.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some updates

Life updates, literary updates and more...

First off, some updates on your dear blogger fifthStitch. We passed thesis! On the first defense! I take no responsibility for this success though, I attribute them all to God and to my hardworking thesis mates.

Yay thesismates!

This naturally leaves me bored though, not that I haven't been bored during thesis at all. I'm killing the boredom by doing a little bit more thesis (even if we passed, we're not yet off the hook, since the adviser and the panel wanted some more revisions done... yay...), watching Kamen Rider Decade and playing Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection. And speaking of Dark Resurrection, I beat Drew at least five times already, which is an achievement I think more valuable than thesis itself!

Lili is my favorite character

I also made a tumblr account, for some blogs too long for plurk but too short for blogger. Click here to visit. Don't forget to follow me if you still care :(

Anyway, for some literary updates, I really apologize for not working on any new updates for both White Wolf Riiya and Chronos Division. Said thesis is really sapping me of writing creativity. Rest assured though that those series are not yet dead. Actually, I plan on doing regular updates from now on, Thursdays for White Wolf Riiya and Fridays for Chronos Division. Not sure if I can pull off such discipline, but who knows really. Also, I intend to start a new literary project. It's more of a game really. I'd call it...


What I'd do is I'd write a well-known or popular story (relatively) from the point of view of another character if it was told in first person or from the point of view of any of the characters if it was told in the third. What I plan to do is emulate and see the world from the eyes of that character. Episode 1 (yeah, I decided to call them episodes) would be about a very popular story, so much so that it had, has and continue to have a strong cult following all around the world.

Hopefully no one sues me for trying.

Anyway, that's all there is to it with this update. Gotta go back to working again... Boring...

Due Respects

Today marks the day of former president Cory Aquino's burial. While I know the entire Philippine nation is mourning for her loss, I cannot help but feel apathetic. It's not because I don't appreciate what she did for our country, or how she fought for independence from tyrannical rule. It's not because I don't appreciate how she lead the Filipino people into an unforgettable peaceful revolt resulting into the expulsion of a dictator.

No. It's not that. I appreciate all that. I idolize all that.

But to be honest, I cannot really feel the sadness that as much. It's probably because I was born only during her presidency, that's why I cannot feel the sadness other Filipinos feel with regards to her death. Don't get me wrong though, I do understand the gravity of the situation. Still, I pay my respects to the mother of our country, the ever enduring symbol of Filipino democracy.

For the powerful light of the nation, for the irreplaceable beacon of the strength of the Philippine masses, may your legacy live forever for as long as democracy is still alive in our nation

It's not history that defines a person, it's the person that defines his or her story

Sunday, August 2, 2009

To be truly one

Yesterday, the first of August, marked what would be one of the most historical events of this year, and one of the saddest; one that would be remembered certainly for a very long time.

Yesterday marked the death of one of the most loved presidents of the Philippines, none other than the mother of this country, Mrs. Corazon Aquino.

I would be annoyed to ends of my wits when I hear the most hated president of the Philippines capitalizing on her death by messages of unity and the like. The hypocrite would most certainly do so anyway, knowing her insatiable desire for a publicity op. Knowing her, she would deliver a very "heart-warming" and "reconciliatory" message to each and every Filipino, advocating "unity" and "peace" both politically and otherwise. She has already taken the first steps; she declared August 5 a non-working holiday to honor the burial of Cory. On that day, I hope I would never turn on the TV to see our dear president delivering her laughable message. The TV better be equipped with 5 inches of protective lead and fiberglass for it's own good.

Call me stingy or whatever, but we should all face the truth. I read a newspaper article today claiming that the death of Cory brought the Philippines together. It claimed that due to her death, the Philippines became united. But the fact of the matter is, this unity is only very temporary. This unity would only last for until the death of Mrs. Aquino still has an effect; very soon it would fade away and we would all be back in disarray.

It's painful to admit, but the so called unity of the Philippines depend so much on temporary and passing things. Remember when Manny Pacquiao defeated Ricky Hatton? A lot of people also claimed that during that one day, rebels and soldiers alike took a break from fighting to watch his match and celebrate his victory. We saw a lot of enemy politicians congratulating the triumph of our "hero". The Philippines was united, but only for so long. The following day (figuratively and literally), the trapos, soldiers and rebels were back to their old routines. The "unity" we enjoyed was really short and temporary.

Our country needs to find and hold on to a lasting source or inspiration of unity. If there's one thing Cory Aquino taught us, it's the fact that no matter how small we are individually, united we can stand against any form of tyranny or oppression. We are weak, sure, but together, no tank or soldier or ill-meaning politician or leader can stand in our way. I'm not advocating for another people power or another massive rally in Mendiola or EDSA, but we should really learn to be united and cling to a relatively more permanent inspiration.

After a month or so, once the uniting effect of the death of Cory wears off, we would be back to our old routines. Trapos would be once again trapos and our dear president would once again be our dear president. But if we would all learn to be united not for the sake of a Pacquiao victory or a death of a noble leader, how much more beautiful would the Philippines be?

Do we really need Pacquiao to win 365 matches a year or to kill 365 noble leaders just to ensure a year of peace and unity?